Welcome to this information site for Northland Power's Cochrane Solar Site.

    The Cochrane Solar Project was developed on three separate properties (Abitibi, Empire and Martin's Meadows), each with a maximum nameplate capacity of 10-MW AC, and each with a separate contract under the Ontario Feed-in-Tariff Program for renewable energy sources. The Project was previously known separately as the Abitibi Solar Project, the Empire Solar Project and the Martin's Meadows Solar Project.  However, as the Projects connect to the electricity grid through a single transmission line, in discussion with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE), it was determined that the Projects will be considered a single, combined Project for the purposes of obtaining the required Renewable Energy Approval.

    This site contains information about Northland Power, a description and map of the Cochrane Solar Project, copies of project documents and notices, questions and answers about solar power and the project, and contact information.